Conference Day 1 - Oct 11, 2023

Location: Foobar Management ehf.,  Lækjargata 2, 2nd floor, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. (Entrance through alley from Austurstæti)
12:30 pm - 04:30 pm Pedagogy Workshop
Organizers: Dalal Musaed Alsayer (Kuwait University), and Megan Eardley (Princeton University)
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Conference Opening

Location: City Hall (Tjarnargötu 11, 101 Reykjavík)
05:00 pm - 05:30 pm Opening: Magnea Gná Jóhannsdóttir, First Vice-President of Reykjavík City Council
Opening remarks: Mari Lending, President of EAHN, Carson Chan and Óskar Örn Arnórsson, Co-Chairs

05:30 pm - 06:15 pm Keynote: Samia Henni

Samia Henni is a historian of the built, destroyed and imagined environments. She is the author of the multi-award-winning Architecture of Counterrevolution: The French Army in Northern Algeria (gta Verlag 2017, EN; Editions B42, 2019, FR); the editor of Deserts Are Not Empty (Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, 2022) and War Zones (gta Verlag, 2018); and the maker of exhibitions, such as Archives: Secret-Défense? (ifa Gallery, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, 2021), Housing Pharmacology (Manifesta 13, Marseille, 2020) and Discreet Violence: Architecture and the French War in Algeria (Zurich, Rotterdam, Berlin, Johannesburg, Paris, Prague, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, 2017–22). Her upcoming book, Colonial Toxicity: The French Army in the Sahara, examines France’s nuclear weapons program in the Sahara in 1960–66.

06:15 pm - 07:00 pm Welcome Reception

Conference Day 2 - Oct 12, 2023

Location: Harpa (Austurbakka 2, 101 Reykjavík)
08:30 -09:00 Registration

09:00 am - 11:00 am

Panel 1: Extraction and Consumption (Ríma)
Moderator: Ágústa Kristófersdóttir (National Museum of Iceland) 

Daniel Duarte Pereira (University of Minho)
Seaweed Harvesting and Building Culture: The Case of Gelidium Corneum and the Portuguese Agar Industry

Lindsey Krug (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Sara Aziz (University of New Mexico) 
Dollar General as Hyperobject: A Hypocritical Ecology of Tchotchkes, Small-Box Buildings, and the Planet

Giulia Scotto (Università della Svizzera Italiana)
Agip Gas Stations and the Making of the Italian “Petroleumscape”

Maryia Rusak (ETH Zurich)
Nordic Timber: Not So Ecological After All?

Panel 2: Ecopolitics of the Desert (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Dalal Alsayer (Kuwait University)

Malkit Shoshan (Harvard GSD) and Gili Merin (Technical University Vienna)
Colonised Landscape: Ecology of Inequality in the Naqab/Negev Desert

Pamela Karimi (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Survival by Design

Paul Bouet (ENSA Paris-est)
Urbanizing the Sahara: Fossil Fuels Extraction and Climatic Adaptation in the Algerian Desert at War

Cecilia Muzika-Minteer (University of Pittsburgh)
A Monumental Line in the Sand: Sustainable Development and Conflict from Bou Craa to the Coast

11:00 am - 11:30 am Coffee Break

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Panel 3: Comfort and Control (Ríma)
Moderator: Dewi Tan (Ambasz Institute, MoMA)

Jiat-Hwee Chang (National University of Singapore)
Thermal Governance: Built Environment, Energy and Climate in Urban Asia

Gent Shehu (TU Delft), Georg Vrachliotis (TU Delft), and Víctor Muñoz Sanz (TU Delft)
Architecture of Glass, Plants, and Empire: Towards a Global History of Controlled Indoor Environments

Foivos Geralis (Princeton University)
Imitating Jamaica: Interrogating the Spatial Origins of Climate
Theory, Through Botanic Research, Colonial Ambitions, and the Emergence of Mechanical Systems of Environmental Control

Panel 4: The Stuff of History (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Anna María Bogadóttir (Iceland University of the Arts)

Kim Förster (University of Manchester)
Toward a Global History of Cement

Meredith TenHoor (Pratt Institute)

Michael Faciejew (Dalhousie University)
Who Owns the Earth: Concrete, Land, and Energy in the Global Hydroscape

Jean Souviron (École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville)
Architecture, Environment and the Search for Transparency: Glazing from Haussmann to La Défense

1:30 pm - 02:30 pm Lunch

02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

Panel 5: Aquatic Epistemologies (Ríma)
Moderator: Hulda Stefánsdóttir (Iceland University of the Arts)

André Tavares (University of Porto)
From Autocad to Autocod: Interactions Between Architecture and Marine Ecosystems

Anna Renken (University of Toronto)
Design with Marine Ecology: The Development and Legacies of 1980s Proposals for Ocean Structures

Marija Barović (University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture)
From Sardine Canneries on the Eastern Adriatic Coast To(wards) Adriatic Spatial Ecologies

Tairan An (Princeton University)
Incidental Artifactuality: The Case of the Zoological Station at Naples, c. 1870s

Panel 6: First Principles (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Sofia Nannini (Politecnico di Torino)

Maroš Krivý (Canadian Centre for Architecture)
Architecture at the End of History? Complexity, Injustice and a Political Ecology of Design

Jennifer Mack (KTH Stockholm) and Helena Mattsson (KTH Stockholm)
Histories of the Present, Practices of Transformation: A Manifesto

Alena Beth Rieger (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)
Extract, Accumulate, Expel (repeat)

04:45 pm - 05:45 pm Guided Walk: Sofia Nannini.
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05:45 pm - 7:00 pm Drinks at Tollhúsið: Hosted by IUA

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Conference Day 3 - Oct 13, 2023

Location: Harpa (Austurbakka 2, 101 Reykjavík)
09:00 am - 11:00 am

Panel 7: The Rise of Environmentalism (Ríma)

Moderator: Matthew Wagstaffe (Ambasz Institute, MoMA)

Janno Martens (KU Leuven)
Between Synomorphy and Anarchy: Kevin Lynch and Ecological Psychology

Meredith Gaglio (Louisiana State University)
Developing Ark-itecture: The Emerging Solar Aesthetic of the New Alchemy Institute's Bioshelters, 1973–1979

Rami Kanafani (University of Pennsylvania)
        William Irwin Thompson’s Spiritual Environmentalism:
        Planetary Culture, the Meta-Industrial Village, and the
        ‘Eco-Theology’ of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Pollyanna Rhee (University of Illinois)
Building Nature's New Conservatism

Panel 8: Mechanisms of Repair (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Marianne Skjulhaug (Oslo National Academy of the Arts)

Desiree Valadares (University of British Columbia)
Architectural Salvage: Second Lives and Third Ecologies at Funter Bay in Southeast Alaska

Douglas Robb ( University of Calgary) and Sara Jacobs (University of British Columbia)
Can Care Scale? Carbon, Landscape, and the Instrumentalization of Life

Ondrej Hojda (Technical University of Liberec)
Stop Building? The Radical Environmentalist Argument within the Modern Movement and the Czech ‘Necessism’

Nkatha Gichuyia (University of Nairobi), Samantha Martin (University College Dublin), and Liana Ricchi (University College Dublin)
In(HABITAT)ion of the Archive: Probing the Emergence of the UN Agenda on Human Settlements and the Built Environment

11:00 am - 11:30 am Coffee Break

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Panel 9: The Environment on Display (Ríma)
Moderator: Léa-Catherine Szacka (University of Manchester)

Cecília Resende Santos (Columbia University)
“The Environment Organized by Men”: Development as Environmental Transformation in the 1973 São Paulo Architecture Biennial

Frida Rosenberg (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design) and James Taylor-Foster (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design)
ARARAT – How Visual Culture Changes the Way We Think, Once Again

Maren Koehler (University of Sydney)
“The Image of a Dynamic and Growing Industry:” The Pulp and Paper Pavilion at Expo 67

Alison J. Clarke (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
Architectural Damage: Pan-Scandinavian Activism and the Rise of Environmental Design

Panel 10: Empire’s Shadow (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Silvia Balzan (USI, University of Italian Switzerland, Mendrisio’s Architecture Academy.)

Caitlin Blanchfield (Columbia University)
Cold Colonialism and Environmental Knowing

Łukasz Stanek (University of Michigan)
Designing Acceleration: Ghana, 1951-1966

Elena M'Bouroukounda (Columbia University)
Colonial Force Majeure: Materiality, Colonial Scripts and the Eruption of Mount Pelée (1902-1910)

David Franco (Clemson University)
Displacement, Self-Reliance and Informal Spaces in the Geechee Community of Sapelo Island, Georgia

1:30 pm - 02:30 pm Lunch

02:30 pm - 04:30 pm

Panel 11: Governing Nature (Ríma)
Moderator: Thomas Mcquillan (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)

Rafico Ruiz (Canadian Centre for Architecture)
Thermal Exposure on Inuit Lands: Qallunaat Cold War Architectures

Alla Vronskaya (University of Kassel)
Norming the Environment: Soviet Architecture and Climatic Zoning

Guillermo S. Arsuaga (Princeton University)
Reconstructing Nature, Reconstructing Borders: The Francoist Dictatorship's Geopolitical Interventions on Pheasant Island, 1972

Tijana Stevanovic (University College London)
‘Rugged Terrain’: Claude Schnaidt’s Environmental Critique and Prospects of Architectural Education

Phoebe Springstubb (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Frozen-Earth Rooms, Cold Storage, and Frost Tectonics: Permafrost Environments of 20th-Century Siberia and Arctic North America

Panel 12: Mediascapes (Kaldalón)
Moderator: Megan Eardly (Princeton University)

Alfredo Thiermann (EPFL)
Aesthetics of Extinction: A Media-Ecology of Tierra del Fuego

Samuel Koh (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)
From Frontier Ponds to Smart Lakes: The Prehistory of Urban-Environmental Management in China’s Hebei Province

Mark Wasiuta (Columbia University)
Learning Environment

Daniela Fabricius (University of Pennsylvania)
Monuments of Wismut: Environmental Activism, Surveillance, and Counter-Surveillance in East Germany

Andy Lee (Harvard GSD)
A Picturesque for the Third Ecology: Filmic Translations of American Landscapes in Afghanistan

05:00 pm - Conference Closing Remarks: Daniel A. Barber

Daniel A. Barber is Professor of Architecture and Head of School at the University of Technology Sydney. His most recent book is Modern Architecture and Climate: Design before Air Conditioning (Princeton, 2020), following A House in the Sun: Modern Architecture and Solar Energy in the Cold War (Oxford, 2016). He co-edits the “Accumulation” series on e-flux architecture; a new e-flux series “After Comfort: A User’s Guide” will launch soon. Daniel’s current research on Architecture and Sufficiency developed at the Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (CAPAS) at Universität Heidelberg; it is supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship and the British Academy.

07:00 pm - Optional Dinner (La Primavera - Harpa)  

Conference Day 4 - Oct 14, 2023

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